Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance department is responsible for maintaining adherence to Standard Operating Procedures, checklists, guidelines and work methods. Strict discipline in adherence to documented processes and good practices, provides consistent quality along with exquisite workmanship from prepress to dispatch. Our approach is not to inspect quality of product at every stage, it is to ensure compliance with quality processes, track lead indicators that will deliver consistent quality at every stage. Our production systems are designed to deliver quality. Every operator and supervisor, is conscious of his responsibility to assuring quality in his work.

Thomson Press is a continuously learning organization. We take our failures seriously. We continually improve and add to our processes to prevent repetition of failures. We study root cause of every mistake, defect and customer complaint. Our preventive action plans always address the root because that is arrived in a systematic and scientific manner. All of this supports are endeavor to become the World’s Most Reliable Printer, not just in meeting deadlines, but ensuring our products are always of the highest quality.

What we promise, we deliver

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