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Science, Technical & Medical


School & Higher Education

Unlike magazines, school books printing requires more attention to detail due to the content it has. School books are meant for students to study throughout the year. Therefore, it should be printed in a way that can bear tear and rough handling by students because they are going to use it almost every day. Hence, we pay utmost attention to print school books and use quality material and bind properly so that it can remain safe for years. Besides such books, children book printing is also popular these days catering to a variety of subjects and themes. These books are meant to be imagination enhancer and hence, these are designed carefully so that children can enjoy it every time they pick it up. Books for children can include storytelling, poems, calculations and a host of other interesting activities that make learning fun. Teaching though children books not only keep students entertained but also help them to enjoy study.

Coffee Table and Art

It is aptly said that ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’ because it does. This is true when it comes to coffee table book printing. Generally, such book is large book where illustrations and photographs are meant for readers’ attention. A coffee table book is meant for casual reading and hence it should be appealing. As the name indicates, it’s placed on a coffee table in public areas like a lounge or waiting rooms in offices so that visitors can browse through it to kill time. With evolving technology and digital platforms, a quality book appears as a great way to disconnect from the online world and refresh your mind. A good magazine offers an array of pictures which are placed together chronologically, capturing the attention of readers.


At Thomson Press, we specialize in all types of school books printing. With best printing equipment and latest technology, we ensure to print the books as per the specified requirements of clients. Backed by a professional team and rich industry experience, we undertake every printing job with confidence. Be it trade magazines, technical books or law books printing, we have been doing it all for years. That is why, you can trust us for your diverse types of requirements because we offer you one-stop-solution for all your book printing needs. Be it designing, printing or binding, we assist you with our expertise. So, no matter what you are looking for in printing, we have a way.

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